Aubrey 3 years: Parsons, TN children's photography / by Stephanie Mullins

The reason I started this business 2.5 years ago is this sweet girl here.  I would occasionally take portraits for close friends and family before Aubrey came along, but it was not the reason I became a photographer and to be honest I did not enjoy it.  Aubrey sparked a creativity in my eye that I had not seen before, nor did I know was there.  Playing dress up and creating a imaginary world to become reality for a few minutes is what I started to crave and capture.  The first year of her life was captured each and every month, and slowly since then the shoots have gotten fewer and farther between.  Don't get me wrong, she still has sessions more than the average kid, just not monthly.  The comments I normally get on her are how photogenic she is and that she must love having her photo taken... nothing could be father from the truth.  A session with Aubrey last about 5 minutes and are full of bribes (which I highly recommend in photo sessions with any toddler!) and lots of begging.  For her 3 year pictures I had so many ideas that I knew she would never let me do so I made a decision that for the entire month of July we would shoot once a week.  These images have left tears on my computer while editing and huge smiles on my face.  While 3 years has gone entirely too fast, I have to smile a what a awesome little lady she is turning into.  
I want to use her blog to hopefully inspire and encourage you with ideas for your own sessions with me or at home on what to do to capture your little ones personality.  Enjoy

First up:  Just being her!  I wanted to do this session stripped down with no props just to show her silly self and her personality.

Next up:  Rainy day.  Aubrey loves this pink umbrella and constantly want to open it up and walk around with it.  I promised her that one day when it wasn't a stormy rain we would go out and play in it.  She loved it, she thought it was so funny to hold it to the side and let it rain on her.

Mermaids... this has been our obsession this summer, and the theme of her birthday party on Saturday.  I knew just the perfect spot to take her and let her be a mermaid to give it the perfect setting.  The results were even better than I imagined, and she had a blast!   

At home: I knew I wanted this one, she just got her Big Girl bed this summer and I wanted to remember this moment.  Just a picture perfect frame of my Little girl on her Big bed.

And then there was this one: This was not a shoot I was planning to do until she was 5, but recently she has been fixated on this picture from our wedding and asking about my wedding dress.  She's all girl and playing dress up with her princess dresses is her favorite.  So since the theme of her 3 year sessions had been all about her, what she likes and her personality I thought this might be the time.  I wasn't ready for how grown up she looked and was completely taken over with emotion during this session.  No, I didn't shed any tears during this shoot, but just thought back to our wedding day and what the last 5 years have brought us, including the little 3 year old princess sitting in my dress.  She even had a surprise for us at the end...

back to that surprise.... I use to always get me and my husband dressed for some of her shoots to get some mom and dad photos too, but usually it didn't happen.  So I never dreamed she would let us get one with her and her daddy in the dress... nor did I even think of it.  Just before we finished she looked up and said daddy will you dance with me... insert big happy heart smile... of course he said yes, and in his gym clothes and her in my wedding dress this happened.  They might be my all time favorite pictures.  There stands my heart dancing together and for a moment in a complete fairy tale made just for her.

So it was long... a lot of Aubrey... and a little sappy.  But I hope it gives you inspiration to create, capture (or let me capture) and enjoy your little ones childhood while they are still little.  Im trying to soak in every single minute.