Snow Day: Parsons, TN photographer / by Stephanie Mullins

What does a photographer and a 18 month old do when we are iced in?  We go out and take pictures of course!  I will note that all she wants to do is eat the ice, so theres not much posing or smiling going on, but we couldn't let this white wonderland pass us by.  In case you've ever wondered... snow (or ice in our case) mixed with a little bit of sunshine makes for unbelievable lighting!  Make a note to yourself that next time you get the opportunity (which we may have for a few days) instead of bundling up in mis-matched winter clothes and camo, bundle up in you warmest sweaters and nice clothes for a few min and go take some pics, you will thank me later for it.  That being said, here are two of Aubrey's pics from today.  This was only about a 5 min session, mostly because I thought it was just too cold out with the wind today!  Ive have this hat/headband laying around since fall and never could find the right time to wear it... until today! Enjoy