Baby at the beach! / by Stephanie Mullins

You've probably noticed that this little girl appears quite often on the blog and website, well thats because she's mine, and usually the subject whenever I come up with a photo idea that I just cant wait to try out.  Luckily I have been blessed with a very happy baby who doesnt mind to have her picture snapped.  So we recently went on our first trip to the beach with a baby and it was a huge success!  But what happens when you take a water and beach loving baby to the ocean with her snap happy photographer mom.... you have a photoshoot every day!  I justified it to my husband by telling him it was her 9 month photos, and that I wouldnt have to do them when we got home and he happily helped me out.  Just thought I would share a little piece of my sunshine with you all :)  Enjoy


And yes, I am available to go on any and all beach vacations to capture your child at the beach too!  Happy Friday :)