Todd Family: Parsons, TN family photographer / by Stephanie Mullins

We couldnt have asked for a more perfect afternoon to shoot the Todd's family session.  This whole week has been like that and it reminds me that it really is my favorite time of year to shoot no matter how busy I am, and how little sleep I get for staying up all night editing.  I usually cant wait to get the images on the computer to see the magic and this session was no different.  The three Toddlettes always make me work for it, but it is always well worth the fight in the end.  I even got mom to sit down for a awesome portrait of herself that just blows me away!  To finish off the whole session we had a little bit of fun.  Half of the shot happened on its own with mom and baby exhausted from the shoot, then my mind ran wild and we quickly pulled the big boys in to capture the true essence of parenthood.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it.  Enjoy