Stephanie Mullins-Bell

Love looks like this, is not just a crafty tag line for the business, it is what goes though my mind each day.  How did I get so lucky to do what I love every day... A LOT of hard work and determination.  

For the last decade I have devoted most of my time and a whole lot of heart to photography.  My success has been in the commercial food and product world of photography, but after becoming a new mom in 2013 I am finding more and more children in front of my lens.  Thus the creation of studio Bell.  I have hesitated doing portraits for most of my career, but the infectious smiles of these little ones have slowly melted me until I finally gave in.

We have 120 acres in Parsons, TN of endless possibilities for shooting as well as a custom daylight studio with enough charm and sunlight to make anyone smile.

Enjoy the site, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

My other work: